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Duvet cover with drawing Atrapasueños



Feel safe and protected with this set of special bed. His drawing with a dreamcatcher surprise everyone at the same time allows you to sleep and rest peacefully.

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When night comes what we want most is to go to bed so we can have happy dreams and to rest. Thus we feel the next day more relaxed and less stressed. This set of bed dreamcatcher drawing is designed so you can relax without passing cold or discomfort.

The set is made of microfibers. Microfiber fabrics have a high breathability. Like this, avoid that you accumulate sweat while you sleep getting fresher and have smooth skin. The bed set consists of a duvet cover and two pillowcases.

Let her help you atrapasueños night

According to legend, catchers help us sleep, trapping negative energy and nightmares in their networks and making you reach only the pleasant dreams. Sleep and rest you too smoothly every night with this Duvet.

Find out what bed model is most suitable for your room

Discover how to sleep peacefully set your bed with drawing Atrapasuenos


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