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Set of 13 Boho Chic Hand Rings


If you manage when you want to search a different style to highlight your hands, do not hesitate. With this set 13 boho chic rings, you let the whole world impressed.

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Expand your jeweler thanks to this collection of boho chic rings. Each has been conceived and designed to go together with others. In this way, you will achieve give a different touch to your hands. In addition, pudes use them all in one hand, divide between both hands or carry only some of the pieces each day. Style variations are almost endless!

What rings in this set?

This set includes 13 rings of different shapes and sizes to put in hand. thus we have 5 x rings with a diameter of 1.5cm, 2 x rings 1.6 cm diameter, 4 x 1.7cm diameter rings, 1 x 1.8cm ring and 1 x 1.9cm ring. Thanks to this variation of sizes, we can have different fingers rings or at different heights within the fingers. In addition, each ring is different, so you can enjoy 13 only to get rings as mejer prefer.

Surprise everyone with a different style with the chic boho rings


Gives surprise everyone with your crisp new rings



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