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Boho Chic sandals with Vamp Buckle Embroidery



Enjoy long romantic walks on the beach thanks to these fabulous boho chic buckle sandals.

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Spring and summer are the perfect times for long walks along the beach or the countryside. In these times we can enjoy the sun calicez, the gentle breeze, morning dew and evening coolness. In this way, If we walk with friends nuestas hemosos we can create memories for a lifetime while we had fun, whereas if we go with our partner, a walk is a good time to delve into the love between them. Thanks to these fabulous sandals boho chic, You can take long walks while you catch everyone.

These sandals are made with rubber soles in an open style air leaving much of the foot. It has a tape on your toe so that you will not fall every time you wake up. In addition, It features an embroidered vamp that will surprise you with their care and attention to detail. In turn, the instep has a buckle closure heel around your ankle. This way you can colocártelo to your liking without any problems.

Wander much as you want thanks to your boho chic sandals

These sandals have a base low rise with only 2cm. In addition, only the heel protrudes from the base 1cm. This way you will be more in touch with the ground and not have problems of sore feet from walking. Thanks to its rubber base, you will have a soft padded sole. In this way, It does not matter as you walk not cause discomfort. You can also adjust the closing buckle or opening it more depending on where you decide to go for a walk. In this way, You can adapt to all types of soil and thus keep pace.

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