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Vamp Sandals Boho Chic with Embroidery Accounts



Discover how comfortable it is walks with the people who most want to thank our chic boho sandals.

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Walking is a wonderful thing. Once you start, you can not stop! Like this, walking, We can take long walks and enjoy the view, the air, the Sun, friendship, etc. So you can walk at length we bring you beautiful boho chic sandals.

These sandals feature a rubber sole rubber guarantee you comfort and convenience. Thanks to its open-style sandal, You will notice how the air flows past your feet while the sun warms. This will prevent that you accumulate sweat on your feet as you walk, while fresh hold. Like this, No matter how much time ride esteas, you always feel good. At the same time, tape to hold the toe and instep are joined by an embroidered belt with several images of stars crowned by three accounts. Finally it has an elastic heel that fits our foot. In this way we avoid falling sandal.

The importance of a good walk

Walks is very important for health. In addition to helping sunbathing, which acts on behalf of our body, walks has other benefits for himself.

Walk 30 minutes a day with a good body posture, It helps strengthen legs, the invigorates and helps to reaffirm. Likewise also it helps to tone the buttocks and raises naturally. This practice helps burn abdominal fat and this also helps toning this area of ​​the body. In this way, every time we walk, we are not only enjoying, but we are helping our body.

Create trend this summer and surprise your friends, family or your partner thanks to these lovely boho chic sandals.

Do not let anything stop you thank your boho chic sandals Surprise everyone with your boho chic sandals It surprised everyone as you walk


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