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Yoga and Pilates wheel of 7 Chakras with Laser Engraving



Yoga and Pilates wheel: Wheels yoga and pilates serve to help stretch your entire back.

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Wheels yoga and pilates serve to assist in stretching the entire back and also open the entire chest area, The abdomen, hip flexors and shoulders. The wheel is specially designed to fit the contour of the spine, and the good news is that there need to practice yoga and be flexible to reap its benefits. These wheels yoga and pilates is made for anyone, has experience or not in the world of yoga, you can gain flexibility, force, balance and mobility, everything at once.

High resistance to compression, bearing or impact, supporting loads of up to 150Kg.

Yoga and Pilates wheel

Wheel yoga and pilates has measures 32cm in diameter and 12.5cm wide, It is made in ABS inside and outside polyurethane, with a drawing of 7 chakras covering the inner surface by laser.


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