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Zen Meditation Clothing 2 Pieces



Relax and let yourself go for peace in your sessions thanks to our Zen meditation clothing.

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Thanks to our meditation set of clothes you'll enjoy your meditation sessions. With it, you may hassles so you only have to concentrate on relax and meditate.

This set consists of two parts. The upper part is a shirt with a V-neck cut and inlcinado, with long sleeves to the wrist and striped fabric pattern. The lower part is a long trousers that goes from the waist to the ankles, a striped pattern fabric. In addition, both the shirt and the pants have ample clearance to avoid discomfort and tautness. The combination of the two parts gives the whole a sober and traditional air rememorará other times you. Like this, every time you use, You can transport yourself into your meditation sessions to a simpler time and less worries.

When we use Zen meditation clothing?

Clothing meditation can be used not only in their own meditation sessions. You can also wear these clothes during the course of the day to day. Thanks to its cotton fabric, will allow you to be fresh during the day while avoiding the accumulation of sweat. Like this, You can feel good from morning till night. In addition, thanks to its high resistance, You can use it for all kinds of actions, whether to go for a walk to the park, relax at home, etc. His unique style that everyone will notice you.

Practice meditation at home, the park, Mountain, etc. Esteas where esteas enjoy the chilling medication and letting flow your body. So you can get rid of the stress of everyday life and achieve a state of relaxation in mind and body. Feels peaceful and calm thanks to this set specially made for you.

Check what your dress size here Make meditation quietly with our traditional clothes This traditional set will let you relax and will get rid of stress while you meditate Enjoy your meditation sessions with this set of clothes Meditates deeply and do not worry because clothes for meditation

Enjoy your meditation sessions with this set of clothes


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