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Open Aro bracelets knot and Arrow


Add a touch of originality to your accessories with this set of bracelets rigid ring. You'd delight!

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Aro rigid bracelets are an item that never goes out of style. Already they used in antiquity and its use is not lost, reaching our present day.

This beautiful set is formed by two bracelets. The first has in its center a knot made, while the second one is an arrow that closes itself. In this way, we have two beautiful bracelets that can be combined in a thousand ways, either taking them alone, taking them separately or bringing them all together in the same hand.

Let your style astonish everyone

Because each one has a different style, You can use it to promote all your styles. Arrow bracelet is ideal for all types of bohemian styles, while the bracelet knot can be used for special events, giving a more sober air.

It surprised everyone by hoop bracelets


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