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Bracelet Sea Turtle with Natural Beads



Surprise everyone with a beautiful bracelet shaped sea turtle and stone beads. hallucinate!

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Sea turtle bracelets are the latest trend in the boho bracelets. Turtles represent the life of this equipment in life. Take this bracelet forever with you everywhere and Get excited about your health and longevity you too.

This bracelet has a circumference of 18cm. Accounts each measure 8mm and the assembly is completed by the figure of a sea turtle.

Sea turtles in folklore

Traditionally, The turtle is a symbol of the way of peace, She encourages us to cultivate peace of mind and a peaceful relationship with our environment.

The American continent is known as “Turtle Island” in Native American folklore. It is said that the turtle carries the weight of the land of the continent on his back. This image is also present in the Hindu and Chinese cultures, where the turtle is the animal carrying Mother Earth and holds the world in balance.

If you have the turtle as a totem means you have an affinity with the ancient wisdom of the earth. You may have tuned naturally with the elements, Earth, plants, People and animals. You carry your house on your back figuratively and you feel at ease anywhere.

The turtle is one of the oldest reptiles that exist, and hence appear in the mythologies of ancient peoples as a symbol of Mother Earth, Longevity and the awakening of higher perceptions.

The turtle is a coastal creature, able to live both on land and at sea; and they say that all coastal areas hidden doors to the Faerie Kingdom. In fact, it is said that the turtle is the guardian of these doors, why it has been considered a link with the world of the fae fairies and promise of rewards.


Model 001 – Light blueEveryone will notice you through this boho bracelet



Model 002 – Color Black MetallicLet everyone be surprised with your boho bracelet



Model 003 – Color Black Lava

Create a different look with your boho chic accessories



Model 004 – Color blue

Be the center of attention with this fantastic bracelet


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