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Bracelet Sea Turtle with Dual Color



Surprise everyone with your bracelet sea turtle. Duality of colors and style lets you create trend.

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Surprise everyone with your bracelet sea turtle. With it everyone will see your love for nature and the sea. In addition, style two colors will impact all drawing their gaze towards you. No one can look away from you!

The symbolism of the sea turtle

The sea turtle is a wonderful amphibious animal that represents the duality and coexistence between water and land. The turtle can go smoothly and both can benefit from both places. This duality between land and sea in the East is, for example revered as a representation of yin and yang. You wearing this bracelet at all times regulate your internal energies can thus attain inner balance. This way you can find better everyday.

Discover all your inner potential thanks to this wonderful bracelet, and lets you enter the enegía.

Model 001 Color blue

The pulserta sea turtle is the ideal complement to carry anywhere


Model 002 White color

Surprise yourself with a new style of add-ons


Model 003 Color Verde


Model 004 Red color

This bracelet will visually impact


Model 005 Violet Color

Nade let your soul free with this bracelet


Model 006 Yellow color

Thanks to this lovely bracelet will be surprised everyone


Model 007 Color Black Bright

Create trend among your acquaintances with our sea turtle bracelet


Model 008 Matte black

Everyone will be surprised with your style


Model 009 Lava stone

Surprise everyone with your bracelet sea turtle


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