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Boho Chic bracelet with Opal Sea Turtle Citrine


This chic boho bracelet gives color to your life. Thanks to its cause sea turtle, You'll get to surprise everyone.

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This boho chic bracelet is an allegation of love for marine life. This bracelet marina Totuga created so you can show off your beautiful wrists and hands well surprise everyone looks at you. As people pose their eyes on you, They can not take his eyes!

Let your love for the sea turtle reach others

This beautiful bracelet consists of six links shaped sea turtle attached to six-membered crystal Citrine. In this way, thanks to the combination of these parts, you will create a beautiful contrast that will make you shine more. In addition, Turtles have fuezo blue opals as a shell crimps.

The bracelet is made of zinc alloy, It is completed in a closure clip with which you can easily regulate their logitud. In this way, You can easily get a personal style.

Get a unique style with this bracelet sea turtle



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