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Pandora Bracelet Boho Chic type with Hearts



Make everyone in your wrists colorful set thanks to this lovely boho chic pandora bracelet type.

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Be dazzled by the beauty of this lovely bracelet boho chic pandora type. They achieve their different accounts you create a soft contrast that will highlight your miñecas, hands and arms. In this way, as soon as you leave home, you can enjoy by becoming the focus of attention.

Discover a new world of color thanks to this wonderful pandora bracelet

The Pandora bracelet is made of zinc alloy. The bracelet has different types of colored beads on its surface, crystal mode heart crimped. In its center, also it has a small heart hanging, crystals crimps that its outer path redubren, giving it a smooth and fresh look.

Take it with you everywhere or treat to hit people or family's sake so that everyone can feel your unconditional love.

model Blue

Create your own unique style with this kind pandora bracelet


model Rosa

He manages to attract all eyes with this type pandora bracelet

Wow you thanks to this lovely boho chic bracelet


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