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Type Pandora bracelet with heart pendant and Tree of Life



Luce grcias your new style to this lovely bracelet type pandora. With its tree of life inside a heart, all your friends will be surprised.

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Pandora bracelet type is an expression of yourself. Why we bring you this beautiful bracelet that includes a tree of life inside a heart. Thanks to this bracelet, You can express your love for life and living things.

This bracelet is made up of a chain which carries including various types of accounts. Among them we can find flower-shaped beads, and round beads with zircons engarzadas. The bracelet is finished in a large heart-shaped pendant which is engraved on a tree of life.

Let everyone know about your passion for nature

The Tree of Life is a common element in many mythologies. The clearest case is in Norse mythology Yggdrasil. It emanate all the worlds and uniting living beings including. Thus we see that the tree of life unites humanity and nature.

Surprise everyone with this lovely bracelet pandora type

Show everyone your love for nature

Feel this type pandora bracelet connects you to nature

Surprise everyone with your pandora bracelet type



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