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Solidarity Against Cancer Bracelet with Love and Mariposa


This beautiful bracelet is an expression of our love, love and solidarity with those suffering from cancer.


This beautiful bracelet solidarity against cancer is the union of several bracelets on one element that will help you show everyone your understanding and support in this constant struggle that many people hold.

The union of all makes us stronger

Like all unite us, This bracelet is also made up of several types of bracelets together. In this way, we must first bracelet is finished in the word Love. In this way, we show our support and feelings with the world. The second and fourth bracelets are made of braided wire bracelet which between them have another bracelet forming the word Survior. The últiema bracelets wire is also. This bracelet is formed by a loop-shaped pendant and a butterfly on your side. These bracelets are attached to the rear thereof with a closure clip. In this way, You can prefer how best to put on your wrist.

Show everyone your love thanks to this solidarity against cancer bracelet


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