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Bracelet Solar System


Get all the energy of the universe as you unravel its secrets and mysteries thanks to this solar system bracelet.

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Land is one of the pearls of the universe. As the earth, the other planets of the solar system have their own beauty, such as color Neptune or the rings of Saturn. This lovely bracelet solar system Link Remember us the beauty and uniqueness of each of the planets.

Get all the energy of the solar system in you

This wonderful beaded bracelet leads 9 accounts imitation of the planets of the solar system. Being all the planets circling the wrist, This makes the center of the solar system, Sun. In this way, when we embrace and we get this bracelet, We're getting all this energy for our own benefit. Thus we have the stones that correspond to planets are:

Mercury: Howlita

Venus: Tiger eye

The Earth: Blue marble

Luna: Moonstone

Mars: agate Rose

Jupiter: agate Brown

Saturn: Jaspe Gray Mate

Uranus: agate Cian

Neptuno: Blue agate

Pluto: stone Brown

Surprise everyone with this lovely bracelet solar system

Leaves everyone with his mouth open thanks to this solar system bracelet

Bracelet solar system

Bracelet solar system

Bracelet solar system



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