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Pandora Style Bracelet with Blue Crystal Hamsa Hand


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Hamsa hand is a large element of protection. Thanks to this lovely bracelet, You can ward off bad luck of your life.

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Hamsa hand is a very important element in the iconography and contemporary culture thanks to its new resurgence. Used for centuries, Hamsa hand is a protective element which dissipates negative energy around yours in order to protect your day. In this way, We see hamsa hands not only as accessories but also in murals, walls, etc.

The protective longline action of dehamsa hand is particularly suitable to protect against the evil eye, as well as provide protection to women and newborns tape. As you use bracelet hamsa hand, You'll notice how the positive energy invades your life.

Let Hamsa hand protect the people you

This type pandora bracelet is made up of several boho beads and glass mosaics on its surface, It is finished in a Hamsa hand hanging at its center. Length of 20cm and accounts are platinum-plated.

Surprise everyone with your beautiful pandora bracelet type

Bracelet with Hamsa Hand protect you from bad luck

Achieve your own style with this bracelet with hamsa hand

Let the energy postiiva invade your life through this bracelet with hamsa hand


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