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Silver bracelet with Twin Hearts


This silver bracelet is a reflection of your love. Here are two hearts joined together by fate.

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Love is a wonderful feeling, and to celebrate we bring this beautiful silver bracelet. Two hearts joined remind you that no matter the distance, as yours love will come to him and vice versa.

The bracelet is silver plated and has two hearts on top. One of hearts, recuberito is small rhinestones on its surface. Thanks to this duality, although it is a minimalist bracelet, We got a great contrast.

Let love flow into your life

Love is important in life. It is a driving element that leads us to be better people. Great philosophers and writers have described a thousand and one ways, but there remains an undeniable truth behind his words. All we give and receive love in our lives, and it is a wonderful feeling. Join your heart to your partner so that both of you to feel well.

Let our silver bracelet declare your love in the world


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