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Boho Chic Silver Bracelet with Hearts


Surprise your partner or your friends thanks to this silver bracelet with hearts. We all feel your love and affection!

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Let love flow between you and all the people who want. This beautiful silver bracelet is a statement all about your overflowing love.

This beautiful bracelet is made in sterling silver (the payment 925) It takes three heart-shaped beads. Between Hearts also has accounts with cubic zirconia crystals crimps. The total length of the bracelet is 19cm.

The power of love is in you

The heart is a visible symbol of the power of love. But when we say that love is good for the heart, we do not mean figuratively, absolutely. maintain a satisfactory relationship partner can improve the survival rate after coronary surgery. Couples who have shown affection healthier reactions to stressful tasks such as public speaking.

No one experiences love in the same way as other. Each person is attracted to a different type of person and expect something concrete about it.

Give love to everyone thanks to this lovely bracelet

Discover the power of love through this beautiful silver bracelet


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