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Bracelet Love Paris


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Rekindle the flame of passion thanks to this beautiful boho bracelet with Parisian motifs! Her your love will be stronger than ever.

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Paris is the city of love. Every year millions of people go there to live a romance or rekindle the flames of love and passion. Therefore we bring this beautiful boho bracelet so that you too can do overwhelm your love.

This wonderful boho bracelet is binding 6 bracelets in a single piece. The bracelet has a total length of 24cm being adjustable from 19cm to 24cm thanks to its closure clamp.

The first bracelets bearing the word love recorded. Like this, every time you see, You can feel the love and warmth of the feelings of your partner. The third bracelets bearing the image of the Eiffel Tower. This tower is one of the most iconic elements of Paris. Like this, every time we see, We can think of the great romances that have occurred there and bathe ourselves in that precious feeling. The fifth bracelet is a silver heart with an account at its center. In this way, when we see, we remember our love grows every day. Finally, We have several symbols chained inifinito. The union of these symbols represents your union with the person you love in your life. Thanks to the union of all these symbols, when you or your partner veais this lovely bracelet, you can feel your mutual love.

Paris: The city of love

The city of Paris is internationally known as the city of love, it is included, the capital of love. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not only are the monuments and architecture in general. It is a city with soul, full of beautiful places that allow you to live very romantic moments with your partner. The flame of passion will burn more than ever!

Parisian love bracelet will allow you to rekindle your relationship with your partner

Surprise everyone with your precious love boho bracelet

Surprise your partner thanks to this wonderful bracelet boho


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