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Obsidian bracelet with drawing of the Phoenix



This lovely bracelet obsidian is ideal for everyday wear with you everywhere supplement.

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This beautiful obsidian bracelet is the accessory you're looking for. You can wear it anywhere and anytime without problems. Surprise friends and acquaintances with your bracelet!

The bracelet is made with a large number of obsidian beads. So we have a bracelet that reaches far into the model 70cm with beads and 6mm 75cm model with beads 8mm. The center of the bracelet is formed by an elongated account which is inscribed figure of a phoenix.

Thanks to its versatility, You can easily colocártela the best way depending on how fancy you take. You can even combine with other bracelets in order to achieve a more dramatic effect and colorful.

The benefits of obsidian

Obsidian is a volcanic igneous rock formed from lava. When the lava solidifies very quickly and does not crystallize, usually forms obsidian. Among its many benefits, This type of stone is often used normally for the healing of the soul and penalties. Like this, we can use it to regulate the crown chakra. It also helps to protect us from negative energies such as the evil eye.

The Phoenix

The phoenix is ​​the immortal bird or the bird that is reborn. Legend says that every 500 years the phoenix dies ashes conviriténdose, and those ashes reborn as a bird of fire again. Thus we have an immortal bird which said he could control the fire and tears could cure. Thanks to its status, many people llevavan it the effigy of the phoenix in order to attract over them rebirth. This revival could be material such as recovering from a slump of work or regain health, and spiritual, for example to become a better person.

Get your also the strength and power of the Phoenix with this lovely bracelet obsidian!

Obsidian bracelet with phoenix will help keep your love forever

Luce your obsidian bracelet with phoenix and surprise everyone with it

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