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Love bracelet Marinera 4 in 1


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Make everyone know how much you love the sea thanks to this wonderful bracelet! Wear it and boasts seafaring soul.

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Once you make contact with the sea, You can not stop loving him. his breeze, its gentle waves, etc. Strolling by the sea is a great treat, like swimming, Diving, etc. With this beautiful boho chic bracelet you'll also show you everyone your passion and love for the sea.

This precious had set is formed by 5 complementary parts each other, joining in the back. Closure clip allows you to adjust it between 19cm and 24cm in order to adapt it to your wrist. In this way, You can take it looser or tighter as best you fancy.

The bracelet is made of several layers. His first layer has a silver anchor. This anchor helps you to be always stable regardless of all the problems and conflicts that have in life. The second and fourth layer are closed leather bracelets in white. His third layer shows a plate with the message love Recorded. Like this, whenever we see what we remember the precious moments at sea. It also helps you to express your unconditional love for the sea. Finally, topcoat shows the infinity symbol. Like the sea it is infinite as they are all connected to each other, you also find yourself connected to other people. With the, you will not forget everyone who loves you.

Show your love for the sea

Thanks to this boho style bracelet, everyone will notice you as soon as you leave home. No matter where you go, your bracelet will achieve attract the attention of all. And who knows? You may also find you people out there with your same taste and hobbies. Create and trendsetter with our seafaring love bracelet!

Show your love for the sea thanks to this beautiful boho bracelet sailor


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