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bracelet Marinera 4 in 1


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Let your spirit free surque land and sea thanks to this wonderful boho bracelet marinera 4 in 1. Surprised everyone!

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Since ancient times man has traveled the seas. Some did so to bring home food, others did to bring trade and some did so to discover new lands and horizons. All these people had in their hearts the love of the sea and marine life. With this lovely bracelet boho chic, you can also show your passion for the sea.

This beautiful boho bracelet 4 in 1 It consists of several parts which are joined in a single area in the rear. Like this, You do not have to worry about placing various types of watches wondering how they will. Only necestias this bracelet to wear all ready. The bracelet carries a lobster claw clasp that allows you to adjust the length between 19cm and 24cm.

The first bracelet carries a silver helm. This rudder helps us to stay the course in our lives no matter what difficulties we may arise. The second strap is a belt of friendship. Nothing matters more at sea than friendship and peer support. The third bracelet integrates an infinity symbol. Like the sea it is endless as everything is connected, You also need to stop worrying and always move forward. Latest bracelet carries a silver anchor, that will help you remember your roots and where you must be.

Sea Gifts

The sea is very important for all. The sea gave us life, not only us, but many species. In the sea we can find beautiful scenes to see how impossible it can be the Great Barrier Reef, migration of whales and dolphins, etc.

The sea feeds us and sustains us now and forever. Expresses the world your passion for the sea thanks to this wonderful bracelet.

Enjoy the sea with your boho chic bracelet sailor


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