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Marina Bracelet with Starfish


This marina bracelet is a reflection of the sea and the beach. Its soft color and starfish remind you to paradisiacal beaches.

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Rediscover your love for the sea. This beautiful bracelet made with natural stone beads evokes the image of the sea and the beach as you look. Once you put that, You will feel immediately transport you there.

This bracelet is made with beads cat eye stone, It is terminated by a pendant shaped like a starfish. The beads have a diameter of 6 mm and the circumference of the bracelet is 18cm.

The importance of the sea in our lives

Oceans contain a variety of organisms. In its waters you can find representatives of virtually all forms of life.

As you can tell much of what we are as a planet is related to how are our coasts and seas. Seas and oceans provide most of the water that evaporates. This then falls as rain, to form the water cilo. So we must take care.

Surprise everyone with your bracelet

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