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Hamsa Hand Bracelet with Pearls



Let Hamsa hand shield you in your everyday life thanks to this lovely boho chic bracelet.

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With this bracelet hamsa hand, ye will not only amaze friends and acquaintances, you can also get all the protective effect and positive energy of the hand. Like this, you'll have good luck and protection for what you propose.

This bracelet is made from several pieces such as Star, Hamsa hand or sunflower, united by links to each other through freshwater pearls. The bracelet is terminated by a lobster claw clasp that can regulate its length.

Protection Hamsa Hand

Hamsa hand is a very powerful protective amulet. It's mostly used by women around the world because it has a high protective power in pairs. Also often it used in women who want to become pregnant or to protect the fetus. That is why has been used since ancient times being transmitted from mothers to daughters.



Model 001

Let Hamsa hand protect you



Model 002

Hamsa hand helps you to attract energy



Model 003

Surprise everyone with your bracelet hamsa hand


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