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Bracelet with Hamsa Hand Evil Eye



Achieved good luck you deserve and get rid of negative energy around you thanks to this wonderful bracelet hamsa hand with Turkish eye.

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In our daily lives we are exposed to a large number of negative energies that affect us slowly. During the days, deb gone to that negative energy ,Sorry higher levels of stress and anger, while we see how our luck abandons us. to avoid, we bring you this beautiful bracelet that includes a Hamsa hand and a Turkish eye.

Hamsa hand much like Turkish eye are protective elements that help dispel negative energy and, above all, the evil eye. In this way, as we put this bracelet, We feel as our positive energy increases within, helping us to achieve everything we want.

Let the positive energy into your life with Hamsa hand

This beautiful bracelet consists of several hamsa hands of a Turkish eye at its center. Also, It has several glass beads that will give a unique touch. Finally, The bracelet is finished in a pendant in the shape of hand.


model Violeta

Let the positive energy invade your life thanks to this wonderful bracelet hamsa hand


White modelStrikes a unique style with this bracelet


Green modelLeaves everyone with his mouth open with this bracelet with hamsa hand


model BlueThis bracelet with hamsa hand will help you get the positive energy you need in your life


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