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Bracelet with Hamsa Hand Evil Eye & Separators



Enjoy luck and avoid negative energy or the evil eye through this lovely bracelet hamsa hand.

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Surprise everyone wearing this beautiful baby bracelet. Thanks to the power Portector Hamsa hand, Every time qu bracelet and carry negative energy feel like you flee, leaving only positive energy around you. In this way, allow you to perform all purposes that have made you an easy and simple. You will achieve peace and calm that both are looking for in life!

Enjoy every day with your bracelet

This bracelet is made of natural stone beads, finished in a horizontal hand hamsa. Said Hamsa hand at its center of the palm a Turkish eye. Turkish eye is a powerful protective amulet against the evil eye, so you will enjoy the protection of both the Turkish eye and Hamsa hand against negative energy. Take advantage of all the power that this bracelet has to offer!

Let yourself be protected from negative energy through this bracelet hamsa hand

Surprise everyone with this bracelet hamsa hand


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