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Bracelet 7 Crystals 7 Chakras


Let the energy into you. With this bracelet 7 chakras can open, Level and adjust the energy of your chakras.

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To help you balance your life and your body, we bring here our bracelet 7 chakras.

This bracelet is made up of a large number of glass beads 4mm. Bracelet being finished in 7 accounts of 8 mm with colors 7 chakras.

How does it help me Bracelet 7 chakras?

Everyone has inside 7 chakras that regulate our internal behavior. From the root chakra to the crown chakra, each of our chakras inlfuye us both on our physical condition and our mood. Every time one of our chakras is closed, we lose that energy. On the other hand, the various emotions and experiences of our lives, They can make our chakras of adjustment thus causing problems in our body.

By using our bracelet 7 chakras, when you meditate you will feel fuller your chakras and energy centers. In this way, You can regulate them one by one to make you feel better and in a jiffy.

Balancing the inner energies of your body because Bracelet 7 chakras

Leaves everyone speechless with your bracelet 7 chakras

Regenerate your body and spirit through this bracelet

We surprised everyone with a new style


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