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Red string bracelet with dog



This red string bracelet shows your love for dogs. With it you will be the center of attention of all your friends.

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This lovely red string bracelet is a statement of intent. With it you are telling everyone how much you love animals, and specifically to dogs.

They are also one more in the family

Dogs are a noble race of animals that provide us with so much care and protection, as we relieve our sorrows and happy day.. Many people in the world have one or more dogs, giving and receiving so great happiness. With this red string bracelet, you are telling everyone your passion for dogs.

The red string of fate brings together people. So, Why not extend them too? We can all unite our hearts in order to be happier.

This bracelet takes placed the figure of a dog in its central part, and it is finished in a zirconia crimp. The other half of the bracelet is a chain latch clamp can regulate. So you can enjoy both you and any friend, couple, familiar, etc. without any problems or tightness. At the other end of the chain is also the figure of a dog attached to the chain. The total length of the bracelet is 21cm and the figure of the dog has a measure of 1cm.

Take your bracelet with you everywhere like your best friend. The two will be the feeling go where go.

This bracelet is perfect for any season, Whether summer or winter, day or night. You can combine this bracelet with all kinds of clothing or long dresses and short. You can also take both daily and events of all kinds and surprise everyone. Surprise and wonder everyone with your brand new red string bracelet with dog figure!

Red string bracelet with dog is the perfect complement to any place

Show your allegiance to animals with this red string bracelet with dog

Your red string bracelet with dog will accompany all sides

Dazzle everyone with your red string bracelet with dog

Red string bracelet with dog highlight your skin



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