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Red string bracelet with Cascabel



Let love and passion will connect you and the person you love through this beautiful red string bracelet.

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Red string bracelets are a perfect way to unite your heart with your loved one. Every time you wear this bracelet, vuestos hearts closer and closer. Bring always bracelet to feel the love inside you. You can also give it to your loved one so that you can feel your love. Another way is to bring together for your feelings to each other all the time. Thus the longer you go, you will find yourself closer.

The bracelet is made of braided wire red and silver finish colored beads with an ornament (Elephant the lotus flower).

The legend of the red thread

An invisible red thread connects those who are intended to be, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread can be stretched, contracting or entangling, but never break. In addition, This legend is so entrenched in Eastern cultures that millions of people have joined them a real red thread.

Enjoy with your loved thank you this beautiful red string bracelet

The red string of fate connects you cn your sweetheart


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