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Red string bracelet with sterling silver bell


Let your gentle sound calm you and relax in stressful comentos all your red string bracelet with silver bell.

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Go with peace and tranquility with this red string bracelet with sterling silver bell. Its soft, soothing sound that occurs every time you move it allows you to relax and feel good. Like this, every time you have stress you can shake it to be at peace. Also use it when you go to meditate so that you concentrate easier. Surprise everyone and make them notice you with this lovely bracelet!

Red string bracelet and legend

The legend of the red thread is a nice story that tells us that everyone from birth is attached to a destined person who is his better half. This union is made by an invisible red thread that is tied into our hand. Like this, esteas where esteas can follow the red thread in order to reach your dreams.

Red string bracelets collect that feeling. This bracelet is made so you can more easily find your soulmate. If you've already found, You can wear this bracelet so that your feelings come to you. You can also give him a your partner so that you may be united esteas where esteas, or regalársea your friends to fill them with love.

The bracelet is made braided red string and carries multiple accounts 4mm , It is finished in a bell 8mm diameter. Both accounts as the bell are made of sterling silver. The bracelet can be adjusted so you can carry on your wrist more or less loose. Like this, You can use both you and your partner without problems.

His sober and demure style is ideal for use in all types of events. Even so, every time you take, you will attract the eyes of the whole world thanks to its minimalist style and beautiful.

Takes you everywhere your red string bracelet with bell Share your red string bracelet with bell with everyone

Red string bracelet with bell will make you be the feel of the place Enjoy your red string bracelet with bell



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