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Wire bracelet Obsidian Beads


This minimalist obsidian bracelet will complement at any time by everyone to notice you.

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This lovely bracelet obsidian is ideal for carrying on your wrist snap. Its minimalist style will not notice recharged giving you a more refined porte. Also, its black beads highlight your wrists azabache, hands and arms making you shine over you. Closing thread bracelet allows you to adjust all kinds of dolls.

When using this wire bracelet obsidian beads?

Thanks to its bright color, You can take it with both light and dark garments getting incredible results. Whether at work or in conjunction with a dress, this bracelet is ideal for ornate styles little choice but to highlight where you want without disturbing.

Everyone will want to be like you because this bracelet obsidian!

You can use you, or give it to your friends, couple, family, etc. Your feelings for them certainly make them happier.

Why wear a bracelet obsidian?

In addition to making everyone notice you, Obsidian is a stone with a large number of beneficial qualities. Thus we have the Obsidian is a stone with great power of repulsion of negative energy, so using a bracelet obisidana, In addition to repel bad luck we can bring good luck. It also protects against the evil eye and spiritual help as you meditate. With it you can easily connect to your crown chakra and regulate the energies of your body. All you have to do is wear the bracelet you during the day to notice how your body and rejuvenate your soul every day. So you can cleanse negative energy and achieve reacquaint yourself. With this help you will be able to find the roots of your inner self in order to be happy.

Discover the power of obsidian with this great string bracelet!

Obsidian bracelet is your ideal companion for day to day

Surprise and wonder with this wire bracelet obsidian beads

This obsidian bracelet will help complement your clothing style



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