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Bracelet with Hamsa Hand Set, Meditator and Tree of Life


This bracelet will help keep your mood and facilitate you can feel better internally and externally.


This sets bracelet links three worlds into one so that you can take advantage of all its power. In this way, we first Hamsa hand hanging bracelet. Hamsa hand has been used for many years to protect people (especially pregnant women and newborns) safe from negative energy. Its everyday use was protection against the evil eye.

In the central part it has a pendant shaped meditante. Every time you see, you can feel how you get peace and quiet on the busiest days. In this way, You can get rid of stress and anger.

Finally, It has a pendant shaped tree of life. The Tree of Life helps us tune with the earth and natural elements so podernos body heal and spiritually.

Enhanced action will help Bracelet

This bracelet has a diameter of 78mm, It is made of copper.


Surprise everyone with your bracelet with meditante, Hamsa Hand and Tree of Life


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