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Double Bracelet Sea Turtle


This beautiful bracelet is made up 2 beaded bracelets united starfish and a sea turtle finish.

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Give a different touch while bohemian thanks to this double bracelet sea turtle.

This original bracelet is formed by 2 bracelets joined together. The total length of the bracelet is 29.5cm can be regulated between 23.5cm and 29.5cm thanks to its closure clamp. The lower bracelet consists of silver beads natural beads cyan at regular intervals. The top includes different types of accounts such as beads shaped starfish, silver cylindrical beads and natural stone beads. This beautiful bracelet is finished in a sea turtle hanging from it with a size of 1.1cm long. This bracelet is very light weighing only 16.9g.

With its chic boho style, every time you go out with her, everyone will notice you.

Protecting sea turtles

The tortoise is an ancient symbol of wisdom. Over time the turtles have always had a great religious and mythological value.

This is because the turtles are among the animals that has more living on earth today. The oldest fossils of turtles dating back over 200 millions of years. This is very symbolic. This indicates that the turtle is a born survivor. Hence it is considered as a symbol of longevity, persistence and continuation of life (sometimes even against adverse situations).

Turtles are associated with water, which it is related to the movement, intuition and emotion. Turtle representations meeting their body parts are: the shell symbolizes heaven, the body earth and the area under the shell the underworld. For this reason some cultures believed the turtles as creators of the universe.

Follow the path of life thanks to this sea turtle bracelet


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