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Bracelet Sea Turtle Wish



Make your dreams come true thanks to this lovely bracelet sea turtle. With it will not have trouble getting what you propose.

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Our sea turtle bracelet is made to attract positive energy into your life. With it you can make a wish. Like this, whenever you wear set, You can take another step towards getting your wish. Do not let anything stop you grace our sea turtle bracelet!

This sea turtle silver bracelet can be adjusted 17.5cm a 21.5cm.

Make a wish

This bracelet includes a card that tells you how to make a wish for you is fulfilled. Once you ask your desire, do not forget to always wear your bracelet you all the time. At the end you'll get your wish and so feel happiness.

The sea turtle will help you find your way

Turtles are one of the animals that has more living on earth today. The oldest fossils of turtles dating back over 200 millions of years. This is very symbolic, It indicates that the turtle is a symbol of longevity, persistence and continuation of life (sometimes even against adverse situations).

Ever sure you've heard the fable of the hare against the tortoise. In this history, The Tortoise and the Hare have to compete in a race. At the end of the race, the tortoise wins by its persistence while the hare loses because of their arrogance. This fable teaches us that it is not only important to follow the path but be insistent on continuing.

Because of its long life and carefree attitude, the turtle is considered a wise soul within the animal world. We should pay attention and follow our way more casually, at peace with oneself and with others.

Like the turtle, you create your own path also in life without problems or worries.


model B7561 – White color

Get positive energy through the power of the sea turtle



model B7562 – Color blue

Make a wish bracelet with your turtle



model B7563 – Color Rosa

Get everything you want with this lovely bracelet



model B7564 – Red color

Enjoy anywhere with your bracelet



model B7565 – Color Black

Make a wish with your bracelet



model B7566 – Yellow color

Create memories thanks to your bracelet



model B7567 – Brown color

Sea turtle shows you the way



model B7568 – Color Dark Green

Follow your spirit through the sea turtle



model B7569 – Orange

Use the sea turtles to find their way in life



model B7570 – Purple color

Enjoy life thanks to your bracelet




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