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Infinity bracelet with lobster claw clasp



Surprise everyone with a bracelet more chic, which it bears the symbol of infinity in its center.

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It surprises everyone and let your bracelet thanks to marvel with infinity symbol.

This chain bracelet is finished in a lobster claw clasp with an infinity symbol in its center. Thanks to its close, chain can be adjusted between a length of 17cm and 22cm.

The meaning of the symbol of infinity

If we look for the literal meaning would be something endless, which has no limits, that never ends. We relate to space, time and mathematics.

In astrology this symbol represents the number eight, because if placed horizontally it is the form which denotes. His deep symbolism is associated with love, to the family, the loyalty, sincerity and freedom. In the tarot, infinity constitutes the balance of forces, It is often associated with the letter of the magician and embodies situations that do not end, eternity and those spiritual powers.

Leaves everyone speechless with your bracelet Infinity

Surprises with your bracelet Infinity

Give a different style to your accessories



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