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Wish Bracelet Faith and Hope



With this wonderful bracelet will achieve help those who are faring worse. You can start sending her your love and hope.

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Sometimes we can not help but worry about others. Our heart aches sorry for the problems of the people we know as our family or friends. You may also suffer penalty even for people who do not know thanks to our good soul.

Wear this bracelet and make a wish. The longer you take this bracelet set, Chances are that you fulfill your desire.

The bracelet has a total length of 21.5cm, can be tightened up to 15.4cm thanks to its closure clamp. In the center Bracelet, We have a circular pendant with the words “Love”, “Hope” and “Faith”. In this way, whenever we wear the bracelet, we can remember to give our love and support to others.

Hope in the world

The events around us directly or indirectly affect us. There is much pain and great sadness reflected in the faces that challenge us from TV news: refugees, migrants arriving in small boats to the beaches (one-third are children), hungry, inequality, disease, Soledad, wars and brutal attacks that make us think that our world staggers. We feel threatened and the answer is very hard, We bombard and continue the spiral of violence that knows how to finish. Violence begets violence, But ... what do you do when you attack? The question is inevitable does hope in this world wounded as possible?

And we keep looking at the world and, a deeper look we see outbreaks of kindness and love that no doubt in it. More and more people engaged in the struggle for equality and justice there, more solidarity with the pain of others, more sensitivity to where and when to accompany, help or just have a word of comfort for which you need it.


Model 001 – Color Rosa



Model 002 – Orange



Model 003 – Color Verde



Model 004 – Color blue

Let your feelings through your bracelet desires are reflected


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