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Dedicated Bracelet About Love for Dogs



Let your feelings of happiness and your dog are stronger than ever with this bracelet dedicated.

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The dog is the best friend of man. He is always there to support and rejoice. That's why we bring this bracelet dedicated for you. With it you can show everyone your passion for this noble friend is the dog.

This beautiful bracelet is made into yarn and finished in the shape of a dog paw print. His measure is adaptable thanks to its closure being suitable for circumferences from 16cm to 20cm.

This bracelet is the best message dedicated to your best friend

No matter how much time passes, your dog is always with you on good days and bad days. With him you had a large number of fun experiences, and it has always been there to support you in your lowest moments. That is why we say from here, Tell everyone how much you love your dog!

Model B6694 Color Dark Blue

This bracelet dedicated reminds you every time you look, to your best friend


Model B6695 Color BlackSurprise everyone with this lovely bracelet


Model B6696 Light Blue Amaze thanks to this bracelet dedicated


Model B6697 Pink Our dedicated bracelet will help you connect with your best friend



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