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Bracelet Natural Stone and Wood Tuja


Make all eyes are focused on you thanks to this precious natural stone bracelet with wooden beads

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This beautiful natural stone bracelets, not only highlight your wrists, it will help to serve as a link between your spirit and nature.

Wow you with a more natural style and connected to the earth

The beads bracelet are made from wood agate and Tuja (also known Thuja or Yours).

Agates are minerals that serve to lay the energies and provide physical balance, emotional and intellectual person. They help focus and stabilize the physical energy. In addition, They have the power to harmonize the ying and yang, along with a calming and soothing action.
Emotionally it helps you overcome negativity and bitterness of heart, healing the inner anger and fostering love and courage.

Thanks to its mix with wood Tuja, will help further stabilize your energy, so you get twice the results easily.

The total length of this bracelet is 19.5cm with lobster claw clasp on the back.

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