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Natural Stone Bracelet with lapis beads and Tibetan silver carp


Surprise everyone you meet through the exquisiteness of this wonderful natural stone bracelet with Tibetan silver carp.

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Surprise and wonder equally thanks to this precious natural stone bracelets. This bracelet is made with lapis beads. With its dark, intense color, This bracelet is ideal for carrying both your day to combine with dark dresses at parties, events, etc. In addition, bracelet is finished in a tent that is touring bracelet. In this way, the contrast between Tibetan silver carp along with lapis beads, strikes a perfect balance that will turn heads.

Get carried away by the power of this natural stone pulser

Lapis Lazuli opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. It is a stone that helps to quickly relieve stress, providing a deep peace. It has an enormous serenity and brings the key to spiritual realization. In this way, The more you use this bracelet, better you will feel.

Surprise everyone thanks to this precious natural stone bracelets

A perfect balance of style with this bracelet with Tibetan silver lapis lazuli

Thanks to this natural stone bracelets, You'll get to surprise everyone


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