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Hamsa Hand Bracelet with clasp


Enjoys the protection of Hamsa hand while you highlight from around the world thanks to this wonderful bracelet.

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Hamsa hand is a protective amulet that has been used for generations for the protection of families. In this way, we have to hand Hamsa eliminate negative energy and the evil eye. Like this, after removal of harmful energy, and thanks to its effect repulsor, while we take Hamsa hand, we can begin to accumulate positive energy. In this way, we can fulfill all our dreams or projects easy and simple.

Enjoy your look with this bracelet with hamsa hand

This beautiful bracelet is made of stainless steel in both the chain and Hamsa hand. In addition, hamsa hand is finely carved with a hole in its central area. This hole is the materialization of nacre (the all-seeing eye), so to get this bracelet, you'll find yourself protected at all times.

Enjoy carefree at all times thanks to this Hamsa hand

Let the protective action of Hamsa hand rests on you

It surprised everyone by this stunning bracelet hamsa hand


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