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Bracelet 9 Lava Stone planets


Let all the power of the planets and stars estea at your fingertips with this great bracelet that condenses the energy of the solar system.

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The solar system is a wonder in itself, always turning over the sun and well on its way. Inside of chaos, the solar system is done in an orderly manner, each orbiting planets in a particular way, thus ensuring synergy among them. Like many of our experiences in life are chaotic, the emergence of the solar system also was chaotic. For this reason, every time we took this bracelet, in moments where chaos reigns, anger and stress in our lives, We will help you find the balance point to reach the order, calm and stability.

Let your life leave the chaotic side.

This lovely bracelet is made of 9 accounts as planets in the sun system.

The stones forming each planet are:

Mercury: White agate

Venus: Metal

Earth: Blue marble

Mars: Red agate

Jupiter: Tiger eye

Saturn: Yellow Agate with Golden Ring

Uranus: Amazonita

Neptuno: Lapisláluli

Pluto: Garnet

Get yourself solar power system through this bracelet

Discover all the latent power of the solar system thanks to this bracelet


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