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Red string bracelet Sterling Silver with Freshwater Pearl


Surprises people most want to thank this red string bracelet and so become the center of attention.

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Red string bracelets are for decades a symbol of love. Thanks to the extension of the legend of red thread, more and more people decide to use red string bracelet as a symbol of love for your partner in order to be connected to it and feel it at all times. They also use many single women which seek to make him get that true love only we can produce our soulmate.

Let the legend of the red thread comes into your life

Red string legend tells us that we are all born with red thread tied to our hand. On the other side of that thread, is our soulmate. In this way, following this thread of fate, we can come to know the love of our life preordained. In addition, If we have already known, the thread allows us to feel his love at all times.

This bracelet is made in sterling silver with red thread and finished in a freshwater pearl hanging. The length of the bracelet is adjustable from 15cm to 25cm.

Indulge style red string bracelet

Trendsetter and style with red string bracelet

Get a dramatic look with your red string bracelet

Stand out among all others thanks to this red string bracelet

Achieve your own unique style with this red string bracelet


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