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Red string bracelet with Sterling Silver Flower Recorded in Cascabel


Pursues love and make your sentiemientos are stronger every day thanks to this red string bracelet Love.

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Do not hesitate in love and find your soulmate in life thanks to this lovely red string bracelet.

Follow the red thread to reach the person of your destiny

The red string of fate is an ancient and very beautiful legend that has passed since our ancestors to bequeath to our days. Here we are told that everyone at birth fate tied a red thread on hand, which on the other side it is our destined soulmate in life. In this way, following this red yarn, We can reach that person that fate in store for us.

This lovely red string bracelet is finished in a sterling silver bell. The bracelet is adjustable from 15cm to 25cm. In this way, you can wear the bracelet both you and the person who is meant in your life.

Follow the red thread of love for all the love you deserve

Let all feel your love through this beautiful red string bracelet


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