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Wheel of time with Red String Bracelet


Let your love flow through time ever and thanks to our lovely bracelet with Wheel of Time never runs.

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Since time immemorial have been at the mercy of the time. It was necessary to measure the time to see when began one day and just when, When I started the time of harvest and when harvest time, etc.

This bracelet symbolizes the passage of time through all of us. In addition, This setting of wheel of time is attached at the wrist through the Red wire. The Red wire is an element used long ago to symbolize the union of two people.

Thanks to this bracelet, you can send your love for the person you love through time. Use it to demonstrate your love or give it to that special person you want to.

The bracelet is made of red thread finish on a wheel-shaped closing time made of stainless steel. It consists of a total length of 18.5cm.




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4 months 28 days ago


4 months 28 days ago

The bracelet measures 18 cm long.
Best regards.

Rosa Araneta
4 months 15 days ago

You do not red and white.?

4 months 14 days ago

Hello rosa:
Unfortunately, This is the only model, given that red is the color of love.
Best regards.