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Red string bracelet with love message inside


Reflects all your affection and love for your partner through this beautiful red string bracelet including an I love you inside.

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Love has no borders. Where esteamos, although we do not know the language, We can also savor love, as the language of love is international. That is why when you esteas celebrating love with your partner, you can not help thinking that love is infinite. While there will be people there love. That is why to celebrate the love we bring this fantastic red string bracelet.

Love is found worldwide

This red string bracelet consists of an open ring with Roman numerals. In its center, has a tag attached to the ring with a crystal at its center Citrine. To light the glass with a light, We see how projected on a wall or floor words “I love you” in all languages.

Use it you or your partner treat to hit so that you see your strong bond and feel your love.

Let love flow into your relationship through this red string bracelet with love message

Surprise your partner with this red string bracelet with love message


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