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Red string bracelet with Hamsa Hand and Eye Turco


Discover the strength of the union of Hamsa hand with red string bracelet to have a strong and lasting love.

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Hamsa hand is a powerful amulet also often commonly used to ward off all those negative things that can be found in your environment, as it has at its center the Turkish eye to see. In this way, helps you clear the roads of all evil and danger which you're going to walk.

Let love invade your life

Red string legend tells how everyone is connected to your better half by the red string of fate. In this way, following the red thread of love we can find the person meant in our lives. Thanks to its dual action, not only we get reach our soulmate but also love grow stronger each day.

This bracelet is formed by red yarn and ends in a hand hamsa hanging a Turkish eye in its center.

Surprise everyone thanks to this fabulous red string bracelet with hamsa hand


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