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Red string bracelet with Sterling Silver Elephant


Like the elephant is a symbol of eternal fidelity, this red string bracelet helps you and your other half to be together.

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Red string legend tells us how we are all bound by the red string of fate. By following this thread, we can reach our soulmate, connected to us by fate.

The power of fidelity elephant

The elephant is one of the noblest animals in the wild. It is not only respectful of your fellow other elephants, protecting them and helping, but it is also an extremely faithful animal. It is therefore, the elephant is used as symbols of strength, courage, wisdom and faithfulness. That is why on this lovely red string bracelet have included a small elephant pendant that will help in the search for happiness and love. In addition, If you've already found the love of your life, you can enjoy some stronger ties than ever. Bring your red string bracelet everywhere and feels like all your love materializes.

Make your feelings intertwine with your soulmate through this red string bracelet

Make your relationship grow stronger every day thanks to our red string bracelet

The elephant and red thread, two powerful symbols of eternal love that are combined into a single bracelet





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