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Red string bracelet with Twins Rings and Wheel of Time



Unleash the love and passion through this bracelet red thread for you and your partner.

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Red string bracelets are a universal symbol of love. Reportedly each of us at birth we tied a red thread in hand which leads to the intended person in our life. It is therefore, that red string bracelets are ideal for couples to feel love and affection for each other.

Feel the heart of your partner through this red string bracelet

This bracelet is made up of a red thread 17cm love that ends in a lobster claw clasp so we can adjust our wrist bracelet with 4cm to 21cm higher up. In its center, It has two steel rings linked to each other as the heart of love. In addition, on the surface of the first ring, brings recorded a wheel of time as a symbol of eternal love no matter how much time passes.


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3 months 25 days ago

It is also woman or man?

3 months 23 days ago

dear Carolina:
The bracelet is unisex.