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White Elephant Bracelet


This bracelet elephant is an expression of strength, honor, stability, tenacity, determination and loyalty.


The white elephant is an animal that symbolizes strength, the honor, stability, tenacity, the determination and loyalty. Bringing you this bracelet elephant you'll remember all these values ​​whenever visualize and feel within. The hindu goddess Ganesha is a clear example of this visualization, being the goddess of luck, Fortune and protection. In Southeast Asian countries, as well as in India, we can see a large number of representations of elephants. Normally they are created in the form of statues or lithographs adorn everything from temples to private homes.

Within elephants, because of its rarity, white elephants are the greatest exponent. Dentro del Hinduism, white elephant is considered the king of the elephants. In places like Thailand, white elephant was treated as a sacred animal. As a white elephant was discovered, it was brought to the king who was in charge of care and maintenance. Among the Southeast Asian countries white elephant is treated as a symbol of good omens.

Crystal bracelet with white elephant

This bracelet is composed of semitransparent beads symbolizing purity. Also, bracelet is finished in a small white elephant that will help you get all the benefits of elephant. In addition, It helps promote good luck bad luck elimininando. In addition, on the opposite side of the bracelet, It is positioned the head of a smiling Buddha. This Buddha is also used to bring luck and good fortune. Like this, as soon as you put this bracelet, You can walk the walk meant in your life without any obstacles, managed to obtain all the purposes you get in life and achieving your goals.

The bracelet has a measure of 18cm.

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