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Crystal bracelet with blue eye hamsa hand


This wonderful crystal bracelet blue eye with his hand Hamsa in the central part will attract all eyes to you.

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Stone blue eye (also known as nazar, Turkish evil eye or eye stone) It has been used since ancient times as a protective amulet. Like this, sailors used it to ask for protection as they went to sea shipping, while the ordinary people used to carry objects with a blue stone to ward off evil eye of someone else's eye. Like this, in this amulet, we see a large number of crystals placed around the wrist, forming a continuous piece. In addition, The bracelet is finished in a Hamsa hand with crystal blue eye at its center.

Protection Hamsa Hand

Hamsa Hand (also known as hamsa hand or hand of fatima) It is an important protective factor. This talisman is used to mainly to protect from the evil eye and attracting good luck. As well as pregnant women often used. So they are trying to protect the fetus and have a good birth and strong offspring. Like this, this symbol has passed from mothers to daughters for hundreds of years. As a result, This symbol has come to the present day. Normally the use of Hamsa hand is often used in that one carries accessories, but you can also be placed in clothes, drawings, mantas, etc. in order to receive good luck and protect anywhere.

Like this, We have here a bracelet with a powerful protection against the evil eye. Like this, We achieve dispel negative energy and attract positive energy to accomplish everything you want.

The bracelet has a 4.9cm diameter glass beads formed by blue eye with dividers. At its center she holds the hand of hamsa, crowned at its center with one blue eye attached to the hand.

Blue eye bracelet with hamsa hand will surprise

Enjoy your blue eye bracelet hamsa hand







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