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Buddhist bracelet Triple Protection



He manages to do everything you set your mind without obstacles or problems using this Buddhist bracelet triple protection.

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Nature has a large number of stones and crystals that help us in our daily lives. Thanks to the combination of the stones of this Buddhist Bracelet, You get a triple obtaining only protection force, stability and calm in life.

Anything stop you from making your intentions through this Buddhist Bracelet

This lovely bracelet is made of three different stones known as Tiger Eye, Hawkeye and Ojo de Toro.

Tiger Eye is a spiritual compass that helps to calm and focus. In this way, wearing the bracelet will increase our concentration and creativity.

Hawkeye (also called Blue Tiger Eye), It is a stone that besides also help calm down, also it helps reduce anxiety. In this way, You can express your thoughts clearly and integrity

The Ojo de Toro is considered the stone of determination. Like this, when you wear, you can focus on getting what you propose.

Surprise everyone with this Buddhist Bracelet

Protect yourself from negative energy with this Buddhist Bracelet

Accomplished everything you set out with this bracelet


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